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Baby developed preference to bottle.

This is a discussion on Baby developed preference to bottle. within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hi New Dad here, Our son arrived about 6 days ago. We definitely want to go with 100% breastfeeding but ...

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    Baby developed preference to bottle.

    Hi New Dad here,

    Our son arrived about 6 days ago. We definitely want to go with 100% breastfeeding but becoz my wife's milk did not come by the third day and the baby had to stay in the hospital for a couple more days, the staff had to feed him w FM from a bottle.

    We did shuttle bet the hospital and home to nurse him in hope that he can help stimulate mummy's supply but her milk did not really start coming in until yesterday. Now it seems that he has developed a preference for the bottle (can't really blame him) as he might find hard work to suck but yet the yield of milk is much slower than from a bottle.

    We have started pumping breast milk to feed him thru a slow-flow teat and we always make sure that he latches on mummy for the longest time before giving supplementary feeds from the bottle.

    Any parents w similar exp can share on this? We are hoping that he can be nursed 100% from mum of cuz w pumped milk as a supplementary feed.


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    Re: Baby developed preference to bottle.

    I use NUK classic bottle latex nipple and I always stay away when my hubby feed baby from bottle cox I dont want baby to get nipple confusion n reject my nipple. So far he has not dev preference for bottle.

    When he was just few days old, I kept latching him on even though he went through phototherapy n was fed a bit of fm with bottle. It stimulates my supply n let him get used to latching. Try to be positive n ask mummy to enjoy the process of latching. Actually for me, once my supply comes, I kept latching him no matter he protest or push away or cry so that he knows if he wants milk, he has to suckle, bottle is not an option, n so far I've never fed him bottle before so he smells me, he knows it's direct latching and it's milk time.

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    Re: Baby developed preference to bottle.

    Another option is to feed formula or expressed milk with cup, syringe or spoon. No more bottle teat, which baby would find much easier than latching on and suckling. Can re-introduce bottle teat after 6-8 weeks, once every 1-2 days if necessary.

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    Re: Baby developed preference to bottle.

    best and fastest way is to go cold turkey on the bottle and only latch on allowed.. trying to solve that using watever bottles will just slow the process and almost never succeed..

    my girl developed nipple preference/ confusion on the 4th day as we was struggling with milk supply issues.. some mommies advised me to go cold turkey on the bottle and only latching is to be done.. after 24hr, she had no choice but to start latching properly to solve her hunger problem..

    try latching before baby cries in hunger.. look out eagerly for signs of hunger.. in this way, baby have more patience for the slow milk flow..

    wen i went back to work about 3 months later, we got no choice but to give her the bottle again.. as result, she develop nipple preference again.. it's a constant frustration and struggle as i cannot stop the bottle for her since i gotta be away.. only until around 6months old, we goes on a 2 weeks hols to malaysia, i do away with the bottle, only latch on.. no pacifier too.. same thing happens.. she rejected and fight, but surrender after around 1-1.5 days of war with my breast..

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