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baby dont like breast milk? are you sure?

This is a discussion on baby dont like breast milk? are you sure? within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Originally Posted by isabelandrew you very funny . i like the part on black and white. good! like you, i ...

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    Worthy Lady Yuki Miaka's Avatar
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    Re: baby dont like breast milk? are you sure?

    Quote Originally Posted by isabelandrew View Post
    you very funny . i like the part on black and white. good!

    like you, i need to 'transform' to someone i dont know .... meow.

    my mother in law expects me to be like maid like that - must greet everytime we walk pass. i cannot go do my own things in my house.. must 'po' her. else she angry - say i always black face and thinking i always not happy she help us to take care of baby.


    but after work, so tired. where got time to behave like that? plus need to pump. i very very tired very day.

    just not my character .

    my hubby ever told her off - "if your own children cannot or dont do it, why you expect your daughter in law to behave like this?" she never reply..

    sigh sigh

    luckily my baby BF - she recently contispated, i got BF so not too bad
    i heard lots of bad experience about staying with parent in law, lucky me $ husband stay in sg and parent in law stay in malaysia so no conflict.

    got its bad & good, i hav no one to help me take care of baby so i cant o out work now.

    luckily your support is at your side, to greet her everytime seeing your mother in law is a bit too much, how big is house can be in singapore, walk here &there sure see one another what...lol

    maybe suggest your mother in law, you see her you greet her, she sees you she greet you as well...lol

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    Re: baby dont like breast milk? are you sure?

    i just found out some reasons why older generation dont encourage breastfeeding...
    their mindset is, breast that part is consider 'private' part. and will link sucking to sexual stuff. so they find it not appropriate for baby to suck mummy's breast.
    breastfeed digest faster. baby hungry faster. so they feel that breastmilk not good thats why baby always hungry.
    my office cleaner auntie keep asking me why i so xinku skip lunch to pump milk. milk powder better. breastfeed very ugly. bla bla bla.....
    i niam-ed her for whole 30mins. she goes from 'really meh really meh' to silence.
    i thought drink breastmilk baby will bigger? people tell me my boy look like 4mths old......

    precious jovier landed 26th june o9.
    世上只有妈妈好。-like that dont't need papa .

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