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blood in breast milk

This is a discussion on blood in breast milk within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; today is the 5th day i breast feed, and because of both bruised nipples, I have expressed my milk thru ...

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    Worthy Lady camomile's Avatar
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    blood in breast milk

    today is the 5th day i breast feed, and because of both bruised nipples, I have expressed my milk thru medela breast pump

    this morning at 8:00am, I expressed 60ml. at 12:00pm i express another 50 ml. at about 02:30pm, i express another 20ml...milk getting lesser.

    since baby seems to be drinking alot, so each time he finishes, I'll diligently express more.

    But at about 6:00pm, I decided to express somemore to prepare him for the evening feed. When expressing about 5-10ml, i ran out of milk. so i decided to do a manual compression, (read from the forum, it sometimes works better than pump.). Upon closer look at my 5-10ml expressed milk, its pinkish in colour.

    And I can confirm that those pinkish traces were not from the bruised nipples (as its has quite recoevered).

    has anyone of you experience this before?

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    Consort-in-Ordinary snowbear's Avatar
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    Re: blood in breast milk

    It's prob from your bruised nipples. When you do manual expression, look closely at your nipple to see where the blood seems to come from..

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    Worthy Lady
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    Re: blood in breast milk

    Hi Camomile, I have blood tainted breastmilk in my 1st month of breastfeeding too. I have expressed my milk the wrong way I think. I expressed till my nipples are sore, and it got worse when my baby latch on it and refused to let go. (I did the wrong thing by pulling my nipple away from baby's mouth instead of trying to open my baby's mouth gently first).

    Maybe you can check your nipple to see where the blood may have flowed out, then avoid giving baby the breastmilk from that nipple first. Apply breastmilk to that nipple. I have block duct and breast infection with fever. I went back to Thomson Medical Center to clear the block duct and now can breastmilk better.

    Breastfeeding is good for baby. However, do not stress yourself on breastfeeding or expressing milk too much. Most importantly is to provide Loving Tender Care to our babies

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    Worthy Lady nataliecxy's Avatar
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    Re: blood in breast milk

    Quote from Blood in Breast Milk

    Blood in Breast Milk

    It can be frightening to find blood in breast milk. The general reaction to blood in any situation is distress and concern. You may be worried that the blood signifies a serious medical condition or you may be nervous that the blood can hurt your baby.
    In most cases of blood in breastmilk, the only treatment is time. There is usually not much pain, unless the nipples are cracked or injured, or the breast tissue is very tender due to engorgement.
    The bleeding will not harm your baby and it is fine to keep breastfeeding. Blood in breast milk is not uncommon. In cases during late pregnancy or during the first weeks after child birth, the blood is usually due to broken capillaries and intraductal papillomas.
    In some cases it may appear that there is blood in the milk when it is actually coming from a cracked or sore nipple . Your baby will not be harmed by swallowing this blood and it will pass through in your baby’s stool.

    Causes of Blood in Breast Milk

    “Vascular engorgement” or Rusty Pipe Syndrome

    The blood is caused by slight internal bleeding due to increased blood flow and development of the breast tissue in late pregnancy and is most common in first time mothers. It is more common in both breasts though it can happen in one breast. It is usually painless. This form of blood in the breast milk has been nicknamed, rusty-pipe syndrome, due to the rusty color of the milk.

    Broken capillaries

    Rough handling of the breast tissues as seen in improper use of a breast pump has been known to cause blood in breast milk.

    Intraductal Papillomas

    Benign, harmless tumors in the milk ducts may cause bleeding. Such a tumor is usually only found in one breast and does not cause lumps that can be felt. Sometimes intraductal papillomas are painful. The bleeding usually stops on its own without any kind of treatment.

    It can be reassuring to consult a medical doctor about finding blood in your breast milk.
    The blood will not harm your baby and it is recommended to continue breastfeeding as usual.

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