lI'm a student product designer and I wonder if you moms can help me out with something? I want to design a beter breast pump for moms and I would really like to know some insight on how moms experience it at work. If you have the time, can you help me out with some questions I have? I would really appreciate it. (I hope this is allowed. If not, please let me know and I will delete this topic).

First name (optional):
Work (which, partime/fulltime?):
First name of child (optional):
Age of child:

1. Time span
How long are you planning to give your baby breast milk? And how did you decide on this?

2. Formula milk
Do you also use formula milk next to breast milk? And what are your reasons for this decision?

3. Reason for use
What are your main reasons for using a breast pump?

4. Type and brand
Which type of breast pump do you use (if possible name of brand and type)? Do you use one pump or two pumps simultaneously?

5. Purchase Decision
What did made you decide to buy this pump? (For example: brand name, recommendation of a friend, online reviews, price etc.)

6. Ritual
Do you have a ritual for breast pumping? (For example: a photo of your child, a piece of clothing, nasal spray, taking a shower before etc.)

7. Work
Do you use a breast pump at work? And if so how is this arrangend at your work (place to pump/clean/store, how long, how frequently)? What is your feeling on how other co-workers look upon it?

8. Work vs home
Is it easier for you to use a breast pump at home instead of work? And if so, what do you really miss at work what is at home? (For example: privacy, acces to a shower, noise at work, time pressure etc.)

9. Feeling (mental)
Which feeling does pumping give you on a mental aspect? Can you name one positive and one negative point?

10. Feeling (physical)
Which feeling does pumping give you on a physical aspect? Are there any inconveniences?

11. Negative aspects of pump
What do you really hate about your current pump? (For example: too much noise, hard to clean, carrying all the stuff etc.)

12. Multitasking
Is it possible for you to do things next to breast pumping (also mentally)? If you already do it, what do you do? (For example: reading a magazine, working on a laptop etc.)

13. Non-primary users
Are there other people (fathers, day care workers etc) who come in contact with this product? (For example getting the bottle out of the refrigerator, feeding the bottle etc.)