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Breastfeeding during baby'teething period?

This is a discussion on Breastfeeding during baby'teething period? within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hi mummies, my 5mth old son starting to grow his first tooth n keep biting everyting. So when I latch ...

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    Breastfeeding during baby'teething period?

    Hi mummies,
    my 5mth old son starting to grow his first tooth n keep biting everyting. So when I latch him,he will bite me hard on my nipples. It was soooo painful.
    I'm currently expressing out to a bottle n feeding him w it,bt I noticed that my milk supply is dropping. May I know hw shld I feed my son & meantime dont affect my milk supply? Thank you.

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    Imperial Concubine cmeilim's Avatar
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    Re: Breastfeeding during baby'teething period?

    teething is not a reason to go exclusively pumping. my boy just started growing his first two teeth a month ago and i continued latching him on at home and pumping only when i am at work.

    when my boy bit me from time to time during nursing, i will say a very sharp and firm 'No!' and look sternly at him. if he continued, i would unlatch him, (sometimes even prop him up to sit but he was old enough to sit unsupported already) and glare at him so that he knew I was not pleased with his biting. every time he bit me, i would do the same actions again and again. after a few times, he learnt his lesson - that he would not get any milk if he was naughty.

    to help your baby with his teething, what you can do is to chill his teether and give to him to bite for some time before you latch him on. the chilled teether would have helped to numb his gums so that when he is latched on, he doesn't feel so much the urge to bite you. give it a try! =>
    Tandem nursing 31mo Korkor and 10mo Didi!

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    Imperial Concubine meiteoh's Avatar
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    Re: Breastfeeding during baby'teething period?

    I read (and was told by midwives) that discipline starts from birth with breastfeeding. We teach our babies how to latch on, keep awake while feed and that the breasts are not for anything else but food.

    Like cmeilim said, there is no reason for you to stop latching on. Even before Eva cut her first tooth, she'd gum down hard on my nipple and I'd discipline her by saying "No" very firmly and sharply. If she continued, I'd stop feeding her and go "No bite bite. Mummy pain. Eva no eat if bite". After a few times, she'd stop her biting.

    When she got her teeth, she bite me once or twice but it was always accidental like trying to get to the nipple and such. Still, before nursing, I'd always tell her gently, "No bite bite" and she understands.

    With the teething pains, cmeilim has a good idea! I gave Eva lots of rusks and teethers plus finger foods during her teething time and it really helped us with the nursing.

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    Imperial Concubine Verona's's Avatar
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    Re: Breastfeeding during baby'teething period?

    Sorry to interrupt , would like to know baby first teeth confirm is front teeth ? recently i saw white thing , feels like teeth coming out but is not at front but quite behind .. Plus my baby only 3 months old , need some advice ..

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    Imperial Concubine allycat's Avatar
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    Re: Breastfeeding during baby'teething period?

    Yeah, baby's first teeth will be front teeth, lower jaw. When they really make their first cut depends on individual.

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