Actually, you can just eat the meat/fish/vege without the ginger. Let her cook with ginger but you dont't eat the ginger.

For breastfeeding, just tell her it's FREE milk & more nutritious than formula milk. Tell her your friends' babies who drink breast milk all grow up very smart & healthy. Tell her you will consult doctor about breastfeeding & if really got problem or cannot feed well then introduce formula milk.

My mum & husband were convinced by the 'FREE MILK' part
My dad had no comments as he does not interfere in the way I wanna bring up my boy. But sometimes we too fierce with my boy then he'll just remind us nicely that cannot be too fierce, else baby won't feel loved.

It's easier to convince your own mum Just tell her nicely that WHO recommend to at least BF till 6mths cos they did alot of research & BF babies do better than FM babies.