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Hello Mummies...

My Wife is pregnant with our 4th..And our third is just going 8 mons. old. Very Sad that she's having trouble to wean our Baby..He really refuses, tried already many formula..But sigh Baby really wants to suck direct to breast..Any Mummies have same problem facing? And can advise if what formula really close to the taste of breastmilk?

Thank you in advance.
My boy has gradually accepting bottle feeding. I asked my pediatrician previously regarding which formula is nearest to breastmilk, he gave me 3 brands. I only remember similac and nan. I used similac follow-on.

First time he only drank 40ml, 2nd day 60ml, 4th day 120ml and 4th day 150ml. I didn't force him to continue drinking on the first day. Just let him try on the milk and I didn't make the milk too warm since he is used to direct latching all along. On the 2nd day, I even had to walk around to feed him.

Perhaps he doesn't like the teat? I tried on Tommy Tippee and he doesn't reject it so I didn't try on other brands.