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Fedding 4.5 month old baby

This is a discussion on Fedding 4.5 month old baby within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Dear all, Would like to check with you guys on the no. of feedings typically for a 4.5 month old ...

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    Fedding 4.5 month old baby

    Dear all,

    Would like to check with you guys on the no. of feedings typically for a 4.5 month old baby. My baby is still drinking around 7-8 times in 24-hour. He is on a 3 hourly interval in the day (but switches to more frequent feedings at night. sighz). I read somewhere that for a 4-month old baby, no. of feedings should come down to 4-6. Is that the case for you?. Also would like to check how much does a four month old baby drinks per session usually? My baby is drinking around 140mil every three hour (in the day when I am at work). At night I nurse him. Should I increase the amount so as to feed hin 4 hourly instead?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Fedding 4.5 month old baby

    Every baby is different.

    My baby who prefers sleeping to eating is actually on a 3-4 hour interval and has been like that since birth. Even now when she has started solids, she's still on the same schedule. I cannot feed on demand as she will sleep for over 4 hours and not wake up even though she's hungry.

    I also dont't bother about the quantity as 1) she's doing 100% latch on and 2) baby needs to learn how to tell when they are full and not stuff themselves silly - it is their way of regulating themselves. If she is not crying after a feed or doesn't want more, then she has had enough.

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    Re: Fedding 4.5 month old baby

    You dont't always have to follow what the books say about feeding schedules. My girl is 10 mths old, and I still feed her every 3 hours, or even more often when she's hungry.

    Follow your baby's lead. Some bbs will naturally fall into a 3 or 4hour interval. My girl naturally fell into the 3 hour interval after a few weeks.

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