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HI Amulet & Snowbear

Thanks for sharing. Hmmm... the fresh full cream milk are referring to those milk like HL,Marigold that we normally drnk? But does it has all the nutritents like DHA....in the fresh milk compared to those milk powder?

Lets say if the baby can take solid foods after 6mths, is it better to feed them w milk also....in order to get additional nutrition that not found in solid fd like calcium...& vit or minerals.
Milk powder is better coz it has been fortified with vitamins and minerals which are not found in full cream milk.

While baby starts taking in some semi-solid food at 6mths, milk still remains the most impt source of nutrition in the 1st year of baby's life!! Hence depending on whether you're still bfding then, you'd need to give baby either breast milk or formula milk. Introduce those full cream fresh milk preferably only after 1 year of age.