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How Much breast milk?

This is a discussion on How Much breast milk? within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Originally Posted by Oppsgal Realise have to keep pumping every few hours if not I will have fever. The most ...

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    Re: How Much breast milk?

    Quote Originally Posted by Oppsgal View Post
    Realise have to keep pumping every few hours if not I will have fever. The most I get is only 60 ml from both side. Mostly I only manage 40ml. baby dont't like to suck on one of the breast. Not sure why, maybe that breast produces too much milk at a faster speed then the other side.

    But still total milk I only get is 60ml. Been almost two weeks since baby borned.
    Oh no, that sounds like you almost have an infection. Must be careful. Blocked ducts can easily lead to mastisis. As you pump, massage your breasts, especially the lumpy parts. It'll be painful, but trust me, if you press the lumpy parts yourself and clear your blocked ducts, it's not as painful as the lactation consultant pressing for you. *ouch*

    Sometimes baby may not want to suck on one breast either because the letdown is too strong or there's less milk from that breast. You'll know when you pump out your milk, just observe how your breasts react during letdown. If letdown too strong, you can try to feed lying down or you can prop yourself up using pillows at an angle of 45 degrees and still nurse using cradle hold.
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    Re: How Much breast milk?

    Hi Oppsgal, Fernugreek is good. My cousin just gave birth 2 weeks ago and the milk started to come in on the 3rd day (which mine is about 5 or 6 days) after she takes the fernugreek straight after birth (she has natural birth). I want to try it too as to increase my milk supply after i go back to work so that I can bf longer!

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    Re: How Much breast milk?

    I have bought Fernugreek but I am not sure I can eat that yet as the wound of my c-sect is not heal yet.

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