Hi Ladies, I really need some advice here. I have oversupply and engorgement and I am so scared of making it worse. But I have to go to work soon so I need to start pumping.

I will be away from baby 2-8pm. She feeds about every 3 hours. sleeps through the night for 7 hours.
Her last feed before I leave for work is about 12pm or 1pm.

When do I pump?
Do I pump before or after nursing? or between nursing?( I'm concerned about fore/hind milk inbalance)

Do I pump at the same time everyday regardless of what time she feeds or dpd on what time she feeds?

What if she wakes up at 11am and wants to feed? Do I still pump at the same times ( ie: the fixed routine time assuming she feeds at 12am or 1am)?

Can I just pump out her stash in the morning since my breasts are so full in the morning , and not pump in the 2-8pm? I am not comfortable pumping at work.
Ie: 10am ( since she feeds at around 9am), 7am ( assuming her last feed is 6am)

Can the body be trained to produce more in the morning, and little in the afternoon and night?