Once breastfed babies reach 6 months, some doctors feel that they would need additional iron and zinc supplementation from foods. The problem is that most parents rely on fortified cereal to supply this and most types in the market cause constipation in infants - result of adding iron sulphate, iron gluconate, etc. I give my 6-month baby an organic egg yolk a day. Some days I steam it after beating it with milk. Other days, I cook it scrambled egg style (no teflon coated pans of course). And the rest of the time, I remove the yolk from the hard-boiled egg and mash it with expressed breast milk. Just thought I will share my solution of constipation-free iron supplementation for breastfed babies above 6 months.

Sigh... but from next month, we will have to rely on milk powder since we are going back to England for Easter and I can't bring my stash of frozen expressed breast milk with me. And unfortunately, iron is added to most infant formula and this may cause constipation.