Hi all mummies i was wonderin if you encounter such prob as quoted above. i used to be heavy on my top as i,m quite petitie even before pregynancy. back then my right breast is already bigger than my left breast. i managed to bf ( partial) for about 5 mths. i have stopped bfg about 2wks ago due unable to pump out a lot n baby on cereal. pump session was a pathietic 40ml n slowly due to work commitment pump sesssion oni yearn about 10ml so.......... aniway felt really bad about stoppng but 10ml a dae is way 2 discourging to continue bf. during pregynancy n post i dont usu wear bra. therfore i think my breast sagging is partly due to this but i reali hated wearing a bra its so uncomfort esp with e hot weather now. e prob i hve is my right breast ( e bigger 1 ) is much bigger than my left now or shall i say saggy. therfore e diff bet e 2 breast seems a lot bigger than last time. will my bresat continue to shrink ????? shall i ignore e diff in breast size - it bothers me a little on hw i appeared as in when i wear certain clothing you can tell e slight diff in breast size but @ times its not noticeable. what do you do when it bothers you?????? hve been told by my friend to wear posture bra ..................ps share