help mummies! im desperate here...i want to bf..but find that my breast milk supply is very low..tried pumping every 2 change..just few days back, gotten baby to latch on, but not so frequently i.e. every 3 hours. today find that supply increase, but only by abit..but baby still not satisfy after about 15 mins of bf, then she cry and wail n wail..make me desperate n give in to fm.
baby has been on fm ever since her 2nd day ..she now gng to be 1 month ..
i just started taking fenugreek today as what some mommies advices here..
so my question is..
how do i increase my breast milk supply faster within these few days..
i cant seem to separate my baby frm fm as she does not seem to b satisfy on breast milk alone, i guess becoz she cant get much breast milk...what to do???

plzzz help...