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Menstruating when breastfeeding?!

This is a discussion on Menstruating when breastfeeding?! within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hi mommies, I have just returned to work two days ago. As I intend to bf my baby until at ...

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    Menstruating when breastfeeding?!

    Hi mommies,

    I have just returned to work two days ago. As I intend to bf my baby until at least 6 months old, I have been maintaining my 3 hourly pumping at the office.

    Lately however I noticed some light spotting in my discharge. Does it mean my menses is coming back? But so soon?! I heard menses only come after you stop breastfeeding?

    I can only think of the possible reason that my baby has been sleeping for a 5 hour stretch at night and I did not pump in between. Is this the cause?

    Or is it the stress at work that causes it?

    Please help as I do not want my supply to drop. anything to prevent it???

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    Menstruating when breastfeeding?!

    It's normal for BF mothers to have menses. I'm a working mom too and only nurse my boy after work and on days I dont't work. I had my first menses when my boy turned 6 mths. But it was very light and lasted three days only. And my menses is irregular now. Before pregnant, my menses was very regular. My boy is turning 9 this month and so far I had my menses twice. Before you have your menses, your supply will drop a bit due to hormone changes and it will be back to normal after menses ends.. Just pump according to your daily routine.

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    Re: Menstruating when breastfeeding?!

    My menses came the 2nd month. Never expect to be so soon. I'm doing exclusive pumping is that the reason menses came so soon?

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    Re: Menstruating when breastfeeding?!

    Every mother is different because every body is different. With my son my period came back at 14 months as I night-weaned him. With my girl it came back at 14 months as well, even though she feeds 3 times a day and 3-4 times during the night.

    Even when it does return some mothers get it regularly (like mine!) or some may have one period and not have anything for a few months....it may take a while before it gets back to normal...depends on your body... but the main thing is that you are possibly ovulating, and if you dont't want another baby just yet, be careful

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