Hi mommies,

I am a stay-at-home mom & I like to know how long did you bf ya baby for?
My baby is 7 months old plus now & I am wondering if I should do it till she is 9 months as that is the last growth spurt.
I am thinking of pumping my milk & freezing it in the meantime, hoping that it can last her till she is 1 year old.

However, I am also troubled as by continuing to bf, I am delaying the return of my menses, & hence my chances of conceiving my second baby. I am in my early 30s...
Yet I am also worried that should I not succeed in having a second baby (touch wood!), I would have taken something very precious away from her & I can never go back in time...

Dear mommies, what are your experience? Please share with me. Thank you!