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Hi Qq Pandan,

Congrats to your new born! I understand your current situation ..cos I am facing what you exprience .. I had given birth on late Oct and after my first delievery first few days there wasn't much milk supply but I did not give up..I tried using Avent muanual pump but it did not work for me ..fortunately my sis-In-law got me a Tollyjoy battery pump ..Ha ! I spent alot of money buying batteries instead..Still nothing works for me..After taking care of my baby I got some nap and got up in the middle of 3 A.m tried pumping ..Still very little milk..I was upset and feeling exhausted ..Still I never gave up ..my husband assisted massaging and again I woke up pumping activties. About a week later, I was jumping for joy..I felt my breast engore and each time I could pump more than 150ml ...However I was down ill and took lots of medications (though doctors told me it would not affect breastfeeding), resulting low milk supply ..(My milk supply is about 10ml or less) I was extremely upset and worried for my child . I became desprate wanitng to breastfeed my child like every mother, the thought of taking medications came to me-Motillium..alot of other medications but after reading the side efefcts of taking those, shove me away my thoughts of having to buy them-May not known how my child's body system would develop in future .1 month past , still I am looking for help to get back my milk supply..I sought accupunture yesterday and my milk supply slighty improves ..perhaps you might wish to to go for one .it helps
now one month has passed..my son is drinking 90-100ml each feed..sad to say my two bomb..no my two da bao(now i realise size doesn't makes a difference in how much milk you can supply.my idiot hubby suan me in a joking manner say so big but cannot produce much milk.)
sometime i can pump max 135ml..sometime as little as 40ml in a interval of 3 to 4hr..
i tried frungreek..milk flow seems faster but only increase like 10-20ml.can't stand that my sweat has a weird smell..
tried the what tea..also not much effect..
tomorrow start to try having oats for breakfast..got pple say it helps..
actually to me..i am so strongly to breastfeeding not only of the good benefit to the baby..partly cos it helps to shed the kg down(correct me if i am wrong)
i put on a terrible 20kg..still have 10kg to shed off..all the pre pregnancy clothing all cannot fit..look like a big pumpkin..very sad.