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Newborn baby having wind inside tummy

This is a discussion on Newborn baby having wind inside tummy within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; HI Mummies, For the past 2 days after i have been discharged from the hospital, my newborn of 5 days ...

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    Newborn baby having wind inside tummy

    HI Mummies,

    For the past 2 days after i have been discharged from the hospital, my newborn of 5 days old is having wind in his tummy.coz he kept burping and farting whenever we pat his back or when breastfeeding.

    Im currently breastfeeding him and doing my confinement now, i wonder if the ginger in my food cause the baby to have wind inside him? Coz understand that breastfeeding babies tend to have less air compared to those bottled-feed babies.


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    Re: Newborn baby having wind inside tummy

    Hi mummypooh, actually if your baby is getting rid of the air, it is good. If the air doesn't come out, it will be painful for them. Sometimes it is the food you eat that cause gassy-ness in the baby. Foods like brocolli and cauliflower will cause more gas in baby. Ginger my pediatrician told me might caused baby to be jaundiced. So I avoided eating too much ginger. It is true though that breastfed babies are less gassy than bottle-fed babies. As long as your baby is not in pain, I think it is ok.

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    Re: Newborn baby having wind inside tummy

    yup, as long he is letting out the air, be it burping or farting, i think it is fine if he is not in pain or show signs of discomfort.
    n as long his tummy is not hard n bloated.
    can apply some ru yi oil to help him further dispel air.

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    Re: Newborn baby having wind inside tummy

    My boy was super-gassy in the early mths. Tummy massage helped him pass gas very easily and it was hilarious. When we massaged him, he'd smile and fart! Proper latch on helps reduce air taken in during feed. Pressing the tummy a little helps faster burping. When the digestive system matures, the gassiness may go away. Good luck!

    Mummy to Baby very

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