hi! i am now 2 months in exclusive breastfeeding. i have very little milk from the start. my breastfeeding advocate friends told me that milk supply follows the law of supply and demand. if feeding is frequent at regular intervals, then milk production will continue to increase. this is why they recommend to direct feed the baby every 2-3 hours. same is true when pumping, they advise to pump every 3 hours. it is important to always stick to the schedule so as milk production won't stop.

for me, for the past 2 mos i direct feed the baby every 3 hours as much as possible. my baby seem to have low appetite so there are times she does not want to feed or just take one breast during feeding. so when this happens i pump milk. i pump milk around 2-3x a day in between feedings. when i am away, my baby is given ebm. i have started to stock on ebm early since i go away on errands every now and then.

i will not be returning to work yet but my friend has advised me to pump and feed alternately every 1-2hrs straight for 3 days to 1 week 1 week before going back to work so i can build up my stock. i have good enough stock already so i think i would not do that for now. i am not yet sure if i have a place to pump milk in the office but i do plan to pump every 3hrs. i will inform the boss of my plan that ill be pumping milk within 15min every 3 hours and i will be willing to extend 1hr more in the office to pay up for the pumping breaks i take if they require it. this is my plan schedule for pumping, i will pump before i leave home probably 7-730 am. when i reach office i will pump by 9-930. i will pump again during lunch break, 3-330pm and last one before leaving the ofc at probably 6pm. i will bring a nursing cover with me and use a handsfree pumping bra so i can still do work in my desk while pumping if i have no choice to pump in my own desk. if a nursing rm is available, and i am pumping handsfree i can bring work to the nursing station. this way i will not be guilty of the pumping breaks i take during work hours. the target is pump hands free. PumpEase handsfree pumping bra will help me achieve this. if you are interested of this pumping bra, let me know and send me a PM. i will also be using Fridge to Go to store and transport my EBM so that no milk will get spoiled.