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Sleep thru the night

This is a discussion on Sleep thru the night within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hi. What's the point of training my baby to sleep thru the night if end up i still have to ...

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    Sleep thru the night


    What's the point of training my baby to sleep thru the night if end up i still have to wake up to pump out milk? I find it easier to just latch on rather thAn pumping since it saves the hassle of washing and sterilizing. But I really want my baby to sleep thru and I cannot do without pumping cos my breast gets super engorged until I can't sleep. Anyone any advise?

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    Re: Sleep thru the night

    My baby slept through at 3mths. I breastfed till 7 mths.

    Gotta agree that after baby sleeps, I still have to wake and pump. But I do try to start stretching for longer for the night pumps.

    For example, at night baby used to latch 8pm, 11pm, 2am, 5am. Then my baby slept at 11pm to 5am at 3 mths. So I tried dropping the 2am pump. At the beginning, when I wake up at 5am, breasts are very hard because I missed a pump. After a few days, it's better.

    At 5am when my baby wakes and feeds, usually he cannot finish all the milk. Then I will pump out the excess. So at least, I am sleeping a good 6 hours.

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