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Stop Breastfeeding

This is a discussion on Stop Breastfeeding within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hi all mummies out there I would like to stop breastfeeding my gal who is 2yrs old now..the nutrition given ...

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    Stop Breastfeeding

    Hi all mummies out there

    I would like to stop breastfeeding my gal who is 2yrs old now..the nutrition given to her is not enough. As my milk supply is getting low now and moreover she just latch on for fun. She can latch on a lot of time when we are at home. As when we are outside,she knew that she cant latch on,she suck her finger.I have tried giving her formula milk or fresh milk. She refused to try and drink it. I realized that her calcium intake is very little and I can't do anything. I am a stay home mum so I really do not how to let her stop latching on to switch to for formula milk. Can all the mummies out there,pls give me some suggestion.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Stop Breastfeeding

    my gal last time also latch on for fun as she grew older. I've stop bf. You need to really be persistent not soften & let her latch on when she cries. Tots are clever to know how to manipulate mum.

    You may try to say mummy no more milk

    Let daddy feed her formula & you disappear. dont't show yourself as daddy is preparing FM or feeding her. Seriously dont't even show yourself otherwise thought will stop feed. Daddy can say you're out or working

    Teach her during non-feed time that she needs to drink her formula

    You need to gradually feed her formula not at once. Since you're stay at home mum best i suggest to try night-feed so daddy can feed her FM, as you drop a feed for bf. Whichever timing is best to start with daddy.

    Just some experience to share good luck

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    Re: Stop Breastfeeding

    instead of relying on milk, you can give her stuffs like yogurt, ice cream, cheese, ect to increase her calcium intake..

    breastmilk provides more than nutrition..

    continue breastfeeding for her means she continues to get antibodies for you, and at the same time decrease her risk of childhood cancer too.. the longer you continue, it also helps decrease her risk of breast and ovarian cancer in future too.. this is something formula milk or fresh milk can't do

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