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Tips on breast-feeding

This is a discussion on Tips on breast-feeding within the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group forum, part of the MummySG Special Group category; Hi experienced nursing mummies, Please add your tips and trouble-shooting for breast-feeding in this thread. I am sure it will ...

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    Tips on breast-feeding

    Hi experienced nursing mummies,

    Please add your tips and trouble-shooting for breast-feeding in this thread. I am sure it will prove very helpful for all nursing mummies, especially those about to start breast-feeding so that they do not make the same mistake I did to end up with a crying baby all day long. (I will compile a list from the replies I got when I am free)

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    Re: Tips on breast-feeding

    I realise that one impt thing about new mummies and bfding is that dont have the expectation that bfding will be easy or instinctive coz sometimes if that doesn't happen, it will be very devastating for the mummy. My dear daughter couldn't latch properly for a good 3 weeks and i suffered from sore, cracked and blistered nipples, blocked ducts and was in constant pain due to the nipples for almost the whole of the confinement month. They hurt just being in contact with the air, not even my clothes. Coz my dear daughter couldn't latch, i pumped exclusively for her and hardly got a 2-hr stretch of sleep. I think being mentally prepared for possible hardships is an impt aspect to consider when preparing for bfding. Not everyone has a smooth sailing bfding journey. That said, things got better for me after the confinement month: nipples healed, got used to clearing my own blocked ducts and the pain involved while doing so and best of all, dear daughter managed to latch properly. There's always light at the end of the tunnel; it's just a matter of whether you can withstand the journey till you find that light.

    I find that some pp and books make bfding sound too easy and when new mummies encounter difficulties they feel inadequate and just give up bfding. Hence in my opinion, prepare yourself mentally that there may be difficulties so that at least when something does crop up, you know that it's just part and parcel of learning how to bf.
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    Re: Tips on breast-feeding

    One tip I'd like to contribute is to make sure you wake your baby up when you are breastfeeding him/her.
    You can wake your baby up by tickling his feet or ears or any way that works for you.

    From my experience, I allowed my son to sleep and it turned out to be a disaster because he developed a habit of only being able to get to sleep when he was allowed to latch on. He cries like crazy if not latched on and he gets frustrated at not being able to fall asleep any other way (eg petting him to sleep etc)

    And do not let your baby latch on to comfort him/her. I did this when he was 4 days old as he had to go for his jaundice checkup as I felt so sorry for him and let him latch on for comfort after the blood test. Then he became addicted to being comforted that way. Not good because can you imagine if you are out in the public space and he wants to latch on for comfort? (Happened to me too) and sometimes, there isn't any space where you can discreetly latch him on. I do use a sarong to cover but still, not the best option.

    And if you need to comfort him, do so by other means instead of latching him on.

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    Re: Tips on breast-feeding

    7 concerns that dont't reflect milk supply prob (frm breastfeeding secrets and solutions, janis graham)

    1. milk that looks watery, clear, white, pale yellow or bluish
    - this is what human milk is supposed to look like
    - formula milk may look creamier and stay in baby's tummies longer as they are harder to digest, but milk is def the superior in terms of nutrition!

    2. feeding diff 1 to 3 days postpartum
    -bbs may be sleepy, drowsy
    -hosputals may not be prompt in bringing baby to you and may supplement with formula

    3. removing your own milk (by expressing)
    - baby is still the best pump and you need the appropriate pump
    - you also need practice

    4. frequent nursing
    - many newborns want to nurse around the clock; it's normal!!!
    -the brestmilk is just being metabolised efficiently by baby
    -many moms feel tied down by the frequent nursings but the nursings should start to space out at about 6 weeks.

    - to improve bfing,mthrs should:
    * avoid nervous movements
    *limit outside distractions
    * not unlatch baby before baby is full

    5.baby's sudden increase in hunger
    *baby is prob going thru a growth spurt

    6.breast changes
    -breasts may not feel as full as before but that's bcos the milk supply has adjusted to baby's demend

    7.fussiness, esp towards the end of the day
    - even formula fed bbs are like that!!!!

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