Hi mommies,

im selling out Suprasi, it is an made from daun katuk extract, which believed can increased milk supply.

my milk supply was quite low during my first two weeks, onli 60ml for both breast, every 3 hour pump.. so i drank this.
normally in indonesia, we will take the daun katuk itself, but i can hardly find in singapore. so my mom brought a lot if it.

it took 3-4 days for me to get the sudden milk flow. i tried and now i can get 120-150ml each breast each pumping, every 3-4 hours. now after 3 month, my milk flow is quite stable at that rate. am assuming this capsule helps

here's the link:
SIDOMUNCUL ___ Tradition , Science & Technology

i check with my pedia and my lactation consultant at mount a, they both say it is safe since it is a supplement.

i still have with me 5 sealed bottles. am letting go at 4sgd each. retail price is 32.000 rupiah, approx 5sgd.

self collect at queenstown area. pm me or sms me 91803016 for quick deal.