I am extremely unhappy with e service provided by this clinic.

I am not sure why everyone is going there to c dr. I heard that there's a good doctor.

I REGRETTED to let my baby took her 1st rotavirus vaccine there. I am so glad that I did not take e package, if Not, I am going to face this prob all the time.

Today supposed to go there for 2nd dose. I went to the clinic 12+noon to get Q no. for the afternn session as I know it's always a LONG LONG wait. My baby is just going there to take e last vaccine, not gg to do the assessment (done ytd @ polyclinic). The clinic staff told me, that they are already very full. COme back tml.

Upon hearing that, I was already very pissed. It's e staff there whom recommended me to go today to take e vaccine. Actually, supposed to take yesterday. SHe told me cos Saturday only relief dr around, not in house dr. SHe said Sunday in-house dr in. Now, they tell me to go back tml.

For goodness sake, tml Im working, n by the time I travel from Orchard to Jurong, it's gg to be very late.

Therefore, I suggest, Pls dont't take their package and waste your time. It's not worth. you might as well go to Jurong polyclinic clinic. It's about the same waiting time, but it's cheaper, better service and plenty of seats available.