I'm due over a few weeks and will deliver in Mount Alvernia.
My obstetrician has advised me a list of pediatricians in Mount Alvernia but I find it very difficult to make a decision.
Some background information about me, I'm a first time mother and I want a doctor who is approachable, pro-breast feeding an has reasonable fees and is not extremely busy since we are both working parents.
I live in Holland very area and it would be great if the obstetrician also has a office in my area.
Pediatrician Darryl Lim has an office at Mount Alvernia and at the Kinderclinic at Pandan Valley, this is nearby were I live bit I cannot find any information about him? Can anyone advice what kind of pediatrician he is?

Other pediatricians my doctor advices are:
dr. Lim Kwang Hsien
dr. Simon Ng
dr. Ong Eng Keow
dr. Terrance Tan

a friend of mine is with dr. Chan Kit Yee but I heard that she can be bitchy and impatient I'm not sure if this is correct?

Appreciate anyone's feedback thanks so much!