Both Medela and Avent, leading companies in baby nutrition, offer a wide variety of breast pumps for nursing mothers. Medela's selection is fairly extensive, and with both companies offering a similar price point, understanding the types of pumps available and benefits of each can help you make an informed decision for nourishing your baby when you're apart.

When a breast-feeding mother needs to be separated from her baby, a breast pump offers a way for her to provide optimal nutrition for her baby, and helps to maintain her milk supply. Both Avent and Medela offer breast pumps for part-time and full-time working mothers. Even mothers who need to only be separated from baby every once in a while may benefit from these pumps. When separated from baby, a nursing mother should pump every three to four hours, and pumping sessions will usually last 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the pump and the mother's milk ejection reflex, or her milk

The Avent Isis and Medela Pump In Style both claim to mimic baby's natural sucking pattern through a variety of methods. The Medela pump, however, has a two-phase milk expression technology. Much like a baby's suckling pattern, the Stimulation Phase mimics the baby's initial faster sucking to stimulate the milk ejection reflex. Next, the Expression Phase, mimics the baby's slower sucking for maximum milk stimulation in less time. The Avent Isis, however, claims to be the only breast pump with the Isis IQ Duo, technology that claims to maintain the same level of vacuum and control for both bumps, ensuring effective use. The Pump In Style has adjustable vacuum speed and control, and both have both a battery pack and an outlet plug. The Avent Isis also has attachment for manual pumping as well.

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