Hi all mummies baby is turning 6mths soon. I hve started her on semi solid around 5mths as recommended by my pediatrician. She is still having white rice cereal which is sample pack given to me by my pediatrician to get her started. initailly she is taking 3 scoops o cereal with about 40ml milk n after e cereal will follow up with e reamaing milk which was left. she is drinking 150ml @ e moment . so its 3 scoops of cereal + 40ml milk n 110ml after that. e last visit pediatrician told me since she can accpet taking cereal i can start to replace 1 milk feed with cereal. e prob is i dont not know where to start????? pediatrician gave me like 5 samples pack of nestle cereal which i pour all into a tumpperware. so i,l scoop like 3 spoons or 5 spoons etc from there, add milk to e consistency i want n feed. now that i hve to feed her total cereal hw doi get started???? hw many spoon or scoop of cereal?????? i,m using pigeon spoon n bowl set.

any brands to get started??? read about healty times cereal ??? isit good??? or nestle????

heard that cereal is heaty shld i b giving her some wate after cereal???

btw she is currently hving 1 feed of cereal +milk in e pm once a day n she has been havin it for e past 2 wks .