I know there are already lots of thread on what and how to feed 6 months baby to be.
I have few doubts and hope experience mummy can help out.

My boy is turning 6 months on the 25th this month and going to start weaning soon. Problem is what to give him. I understand that i should go with rice cereal but do i need to mix the cereal with milk or just hot water. I have brought the organic healthy times cereal. And how many times should i give a day? Also he consumed 180ml milk every 3 hours. With introduction to cereal, how is the routine going to be like?

I read about going to single type of food to test baby sensitivity to the food but it also says to let him have a variety of food. With start of cereal, do i intro him to fruits and veg together? Or should i let him have just cereal for 4 days, then next 4 days i start with 1 type of fruits with the same cereal, and after another 4 days to start veg? kind of lost on the explaination.