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food after 12 months

This is a discussion on food after 12 months within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; any one can share w me food after 12 months? my baby is on nan ha 3, fish porridge, 3-4 ...

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    food after 12 months

    any one can share w me food after 12 months?
    my baby is on nan ha 3, fish porridge, 3-4 milk feeds.

    i m wondering did i miss out anything?

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    Imperial Concubine meiteoh's Avatar
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    Re: food after 12 months

    They can eat "adult" food already at 12 months - just be careful about the size and "hard/soft" as babies still cannot take super hard foods.

    For more info, check out this site:

    Healthy Toddler Recipes, Recipes for Feeding Your Toddler- Toddler Menus, Toddler Foods, Toddler Lunch, Toddler Breakfast Ideas at wholesometoddlerfood.com

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    Re: food after 12 months

    Hi isabelandrew,

    My baby is 13mths and I feed him as follows:

    - 5 milk feeds
    - fish/pork porridge for lunch
    - cereal for dinner

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    Imperial Concubine annie's Avatar
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    Re: food after 12 months

    yah after 12mths you can be more adventuorous with their menu. i give her anything including outside food as there was a period of time when she totally reject food..at home, i usually cook noodles, bee hoon, rice, rice balls, porridge, risotto, fried rice, macaroni, spagetthi, sandwiches, french toast etc etc. in fact anything i can think of. as long as its not spicy, not too oily etc i will give her...

    im breastfeeding so i feed on demand. never count how many times. sometimes as little as 2-3 times a day when we are out whole day (give her early morning around 630am, when she wakes around 8am and before bedtime around 9pm) and sometimes she seems to be constantly on the breast hehe.

    for meals, she used to take 3 meals+ 1 snack (breakfast oatmeal cereal with fruits, lunch (anything above), snack (baby biskuits/home made fruitty yogurt smoothie/ home made fruitty milk shake/ tofu etc), dinner (anything above) but recently her appetite is not that good so breakfast i giving her only cornflakes (let her eat by herself so sometimes she dosent really eat as well.) or sometimes she takes my breakfast eg bread or cornflakes. lunch, snack, dinner as usual.
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