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How to increase the flavour of baby food

This is a discussion on How to increase the flavour of baby food within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Dear mummies, i realised my 14mth old has been getting more picky with her food...she used to finish up 1 ...

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    How to increase the flavour of baby food

    Dear mummies, i realised my 14mth old has been getting more picky with her food...she used to finish up 1 bowl of porridge every evening after returning from infant care...but nowadays she seemed less interested.

    Last night was the worst, I gave her tiny bits of chicken pie crust before her porridge and after that she was not interested in her porridge anymore..all she wanted was the chicken pie crust...she cried and cried until she threw out the few spoonful of porridge that she had earlier...

    I was wondering if the porridge I have been cooking is too bland..basically I have not been very adventurous with my receipes...its always spinanch, carrots, broccoli, fish, sweet potatoes...maybe my gal is really sick of these already... was wondering what to add to increase the flavour of her food?

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    Re: How to increase the flavour of baby food

    Is she too full bf her dinner? Cos' my son faced the same issue when he was about a year plus two....everytime after return frm infant care, dont't want to eat dinner....only eat one or two spoonfuls

    Then later realise that it is cos' he is too full, cos' bf dinner he had about 180ml of milk.....

    But now that his appetite has increased, he is able to eat half a bowl of dinner plus the milk tht he had at CC

    Tots are constantly changing dont't worry too much, is your child still drinking milk?

    Mayb you also want to give her rice with soups just to change? you can cook a pot of nutritious soup with rice for her plus veges or chicken or fish dish, thats what I did when my son was a year old

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    Re: How to increase the flavour of baby food

    I think by 14 months you can introduce foods with more textures and also food they can feed themselves. Sometimes they want to graduate for porridge and being fed by then and they start wanting to eat what mummy and daddy are eating! Sometimes we have to hide what we're eating if it's not good for our toddler

    My boy is 17 months now and is really into flavoured foods recently, like very strong flavours. He doesn't like porridge anymore too and loves spicy food like laksa and curry. We dont't give him too much of those foods though, just for a taste. Otherwise he eats what we eat since he was around 12 months but no added salt or sugar. He also refuses to let us feed him lunch and dinner...it gets very messy though!!

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