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How should i start

This is a discussion on How should i start within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; hi , can my babies start solid now when he is 6 months? How should i slowly start to intro ...

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    Question How should i start

    hi , can my babies start solid now when he is 6 months?
    How should i slowly start to intro to him?

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    Re: How should i start

    Halo!! my boy start taking his semi food with rice ceceral ^_* I start with just that for ab a week plus that is to see if he has any allergies ...then i start buying Heizn puree... especially those without any preservatives/egg (baby stomach still not mature till they are 1 yrs old at least) / sugar or any articifical coloring etc...

    I give my boy one type of food for each wk... just to observe any allergy with any food I gave him... now he is 7 mths leow... start giving him pumpin / apples/ banana .. start his congee with toufu/ carrots and green leafty vegatables... but rememeber to have them cut to small bits (though my boy have 6th tooth) but still learning how to chew or swallow... and carrot to cook them till they are soft.... *_* Hope this help you to have some ideas....

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    Re: How should i start

    i gave my boy frisocrem (those milk cereals) 1st....

    then slowly make porridge for him ....tell him its an excitingly new food!

    but dont make too much coz in case he doesnt like it....

    i started by giving him baby porridge + carrots + meat = cooked till all mashed kind

    then alternate with Frisocrem, sometimes give him egg yolk during tea break (coz baby under 1 year old cannot take egg white), mashed potatoes, mashed carrots, mashed spinach....

    let them try a bit at a time and observe their reactions....its good to try variety of foods so that next time they wont be picky eaters as well as absorb nutrients from all kinds of foods.

    you will also need to see any foods that they have allergy to...so everytime you try a new food wait 1 to 2 days later before switching to another...so that incase they are allergic you will be able to tell which one is causing it.

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    Re: How should i start


    i was like you when i wanna start semi-solid food..excited..and many qns in mind.
    CanCanMum help me alot in giving me advise too.

    I start my dear daughter SS food when she is about 5mths 1 week, cos i think she is ready for it.
    I started with rice cereal (heinz) for 10 days. amt gradually add on.can read the instruction on the box.
    Then after that i intro carrot puree. I steam for 10 mins then use a hand processor/blender to make in to puree. Pass thru a seive if your baby just started weaning.

    After few days i tried fruits like apple and pear. may add aliitle rice cereal if you like. but for a start mayb just fruit. single ingredient 1st for few days s dee ho mention scare baby allergy.

    Now my baby had eat SS food for 1 month plus coming to 2 mths . She had tried all this puree carrot, pumkin, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, apple , pear, avocado, banana, payaya, potato.

    Some fruits can be mixed and they taste great.
    Ended my breastfeeding journey at 14mths.....Sad...

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    Smile Re: How should i start

    6 months is fine. In fact, so long as your baby shows signs that he is able to take solid, you can start introducing...

    stage1, for my boys, its always porridge first. the soupy kind. then change to the thicker kind.

    stage 2, if that's ok, then you can start mashing up potatoes, carrots, banana and whatever that's 'mash-a-ble', if he is able to take this....

    stage 3, then you can move on to a few grains of rice..... and Wah-... before you know it, he is chewing a drumstick!!! *laugh*

    I suggest that every feed (for every stage) should start off with minimum, small tiny mouth of food... then slowly increase the volume... after confirming for 1-2weeks that he is able to accept... (only) then, you move on the next stage.... *wink*

    have fun!
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    Re: How should i start

    mikimum > you might want to go to POPULAR BOOKSHOP. look for First Foods recipe book. $20+. they have all the recipes suitable for diff age groups starting from 4 months. find it quite useful.

    i started my boy w puree. then rice cereal. now porridge.

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