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While growing older brings new challenges and opportunities to each of us, every senior's situation is unique. In Los Angeles the aging population is very diverse culturally, ethnically and financially. The city boasts 32 senior centers that act as hubs for senior activities and resources. There are also many agencies and organizations geared toward meeting the needs of these individuals in the areas of education, medical care, housing and counseling.

Health Services: Many seniors are in need of health advice, medical care, and mental health care, and a variety of resources in the health care industry are available in Los Angeles. The L.A. Department of Health and the L.A. Department of Mental Health offer help to seniors.

Senior Housing: One issue many seniors face is finding suitable living situations that accommodate their physical needs as well as their social needs and budget. The L.A. County Housing Resource Center provides a wealth of information about senior housing so you can choose which type of housing is right --- assisted living, hospice care, fixed-income housing, or ECHO housing.

Area Agency on Aging: The Area Agency on Aging is a nationwide network of resources for seniors, which has an active branch in Los Angeles. Their goal is to improve the lives of seniors and increase their independence. The AAA serves seniors through partnering with other area agencies to provide meals, nutritional planning and home care, all of which contribute to more independent lifestyle.

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