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Moving on frm puree type of food

This is a discussion on Moving on frm puree type of food within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; lil one is coming to 10mths.. and i want to move on frm puree food, what and how shld i ...

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    Moving on frm puree type of food

    lil one is coming to 10mths.. and i want to move on frm puree food, what and how shld i carry on?

    chop the veg and meat after steaming/cooking??

    hardier veg like cauli and asparagus, chop as well?

    help help mummies

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    Re: Moving on frm puree type of food

    Depending on your baby, you can start by grating things like carrots and cheese or mashing up veg & fruits like potatos, cauliflower, and so forth. Yup, you'll need to finely dice SOFT veg & fruits, grate hard ones or at least cut them into manageable and easy to eat pieces.

    If your baby doesn't have teeth yet or doesn't know how to gum, it can be risky giving him/her small pieces of meat so maybe you may want to finely shred them (like into floss type of texture) before adding it to things like porridge or whatever it is you're feeding your little one. You can also consider introducing pasta but make sure it's very soft and easy to gum.

    You still need some puree to hold stuff together, just not a lot this time - think of your puree as a sauce instead of a main dish.

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    Re: Moving on frm puree type of food

    Depends on whether your baby has learnt to chew.
    My boy eats fast and does not chew much even with 8 teeth.
    He preferred lumpier finger food from 11-12 months.
    So I gave him porridge as it is, without mashing.
    For vegetables, I continued to cut into fine pieces and steam, then grate using fork.
    French beans: cut, steam, grate, not too fine so that he can chew a bit
    Broccoli: steam, cut / mash. Very soft once steamed, but the stem is harder, so need to mash or remove it.
    Fish: steam, mash to check for bones
    apple/pear: steam, mash. My boy eats more this way. If the raw fruit is hard, it takes ages to cut and use fingers to feed him.
    Soft fruits such as papaya, grapes, banana: cut into small pieces, press with fingers and finger-feed (just clean hands well before feeding). Give baby some to learn self-feeding.
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