Dear Mums & Dads,

About 1.5 weeks ago, I opened 1 box of Healthy Times Barley Cereal and was appalled to see at least three black insects (approximately 1-cm long each) hopping and crawling inside the inner packaging. For hygiene reasons, I asked my husband to dispose the box of cereal immediately.

I proceeded to open the next box of cereal and was again shocked to see many small black insects crawling inside the inner packaging. One insect was at the box flap. We took photographs which clearly show the insects in the contaminated box of cereal.

A formal complaint was sent within a day to Healthy Times HQ. However, after more than a week, no one has given me a response.

The complaint has just been forwarded to FDA (of the you.S.), Cold Storage (Malaysia), Country Farm Organics, and the Healthy Times distributor in Singapore.

If you have any similar cereal at home, please check it carefully before feeding your baby.

You may view the contents of the complaint letter and photos here.