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Is Pedisure milk powder useful for picky eater?

This is a discussion on Is Pedisure milk powder useful for picky eater? within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi mummies, My 27 months son is a picky eater. He only eats certain types of food and likes to ...

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    Is Pedisure milk powder useful for picky eater?

    Hi mummies,
    My 27 months son is a picky eater. He only eats certain types of food and likes to reject new food. He eats small portion every time too. Recommended by few of my friends, one month ago I introduced Pedisure milk powder to him as it is meant for choosy eater. However, I never expected that his appetite is getting worse, he eats less and less. And even rejected the food he
    Normally likes. Dear mummies, pls tell me if anyone has similar experience and what shall I do? Stop Pedisure and change back to his original milk power?
    Babie is my power

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    Re: Is Pedisure milk powder useful for picky eater?

    My kids also went thru phases of dont't eat this, only eat that, eat non-stop, eat nothing, etc. Sometimes last 1 day only somtimes last over 1 yr. (My son's current 'dont't eat meat' phase is slightly over a year and counting; my daughter's 'dont't want to drink milk' phase lasted slightly over 6 months and re-surfaces now and then.) I never tried pedisure cos I think it's really expensive. But I have been told over and over again by many doctors that kids are just like that sometimes and as long as they are active, seem happy and normal, it will eventually pass.

    Hard not to worry, I know. I still fret over it all the time. But I guess there's not much we can do but keep trying to offering the same foods. Perhaps sometimes a new plate/cup/bowl would help.

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    Re: Is Pedisure milk powder useful for picky eater?

    ... Pedisure milk powder for fussy kids, not quite true. My son was like your son. I got him pedisuretoo. No use. Changed to chocolate flavor and he drink half a tin. They r just replacing their food intake from solid to liquids. Doesn't make em gain weight. I gave up on that. Went back feeding the normal milk powder but giving him small bites, many meals a day. This can be tiring... But for his sake, you have to endure. Lunch if he eats alittle, I will give him bananas. His all time favorite. That's carbo too. Bout 1 and a half hours later, 1 piece of bread with strawberry jam. Cuz jam is sweet. They will eat. Son love noodles. Will cook him noodles or mee sua for him as snack. About 5pm, stop all snacks or milk. By 7 or 7.30pm, he will be hungry and then when you feed him anything, he will eat. My son is 26months old. Super active!! I have to give him more carbo for him to burn in e day. Else the way he run and moves, he's slimming down faster than gaining. If he's feeding himself, get him many different kinds of spoon. That's what I got for son too. He will get sick of that new spoon after a while. you will have to buy new kind. I've got lots and lots of spoon at home!!! Find ways to trick him open his mouth and eat. There sure to be a way. dont get dishearted. I threw temper at husband when son dont eat. Lolx... dont show your anger or anxiety to your kid. They can sense it.. Good luck!

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