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This is a discussion on questions within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; hey all was advised by my baby pediatrician during last visit to start introducing plain rice cereal to my baby ...

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    hey all was advised by my baby pediatrician during last visit to start introducing plain rice cereal to my baby gal o 4mths +. hmmm but i,m not sure hw to start things off? like my baby milk feed is 3hrs interval so i,l let her try a few spoonful cereal mix w fm then feed her ???? once a dae rite but do i feed her in such a way everydae? hw fast will allegric reaction set in???like after a week ??? what shld i look out for ?????

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    Re: questions

    If your child has a serious allergic reaction, it happens almost immediately. Otherwise symptoms will show up within a few hours:

    Things to look out for are:

    1) Swelling - around the eyes and mouth area
    2) Runny nose or watery eyes
    3) Rashes - flat, not raised
    4) Hives
    5) Gasping/wheezing - if reaction causes the throat to swell and narrows or closes up the entire airway
    6) Eczema patches on skin
    7) Itching

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    Re: questions

    Hi pink kitty,

    It is usually recommended to start solids at around 6 mths instead of 4. My pediatrician also did give us the option of starting solids at 4 but he also did mention that it's better to drag till 6.

    You have to access if your baby is ready for solids. If your baby is able to hold her head up you should be able to start soon. Holding head up is just one of the signs. You can go to www.babycenter.com.sg to get more info of how to judge if your baby is ready for solids.

    At the beginning, feeding solids is just to allow baby to get accustomed to getting used to getting food off a spoon not just from the bottle.

    You can start by using 1 teaspoon of cereal with some milk. So she will only be taking a few mouthfuls at the beginning.

    You can intro this at one of the feeds. What I did was if every feed I was feeding 150ml, at one feed, I would use part of the 150ml to make the cereal to feed. Most websites would advise you to feed milk first then feed the cereal. But I fed cereal first. Of course, if you want to feed cereal first please dont't do it when your child is so hungry and desperate for food that she gets stressed up for not being able to get food off a spoon.

    I fed my son everyday this way for about a week.

    The standard rule to observe for introducing new foods is the 4-day rule. You feed the same thing for 4 days before introducing something new.

    If your baby is allergic to something, it most commonly manifests as a rash. In serious cases, it could result in asthma, like my son on corn.

    You can go to this website www.wholesomebabyfood.com for more info on first foods to introduce.

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    Re: questions

    actually if your baby is still taking milk well, you can wait til she is 5 mths plus or 6 mths to start her on solids.
    no hurry actually.

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    Re: questions

    solids meaning porridge? Or cereal already consider solids? my mother in law intend to feed louis with rice cereal once a day when he hits 4 mths. Is it okay?

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    Re: questions

    Urm, I think you should wait till your baby is older. Babies below 6 mths tend to have higher risk of getting allergies because their stomachs are not ready to handle solid food. Plus development-wise, they may not find solid food easy - they need good head support, can sit up, can tell you when they are food and so forth.

    FYI, solids means anything other than milk.

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