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questions about semi solids for 7mths old baby

This is a discussion on questions about semi solids for 7mths old baby within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; Hi all my baby gal is about 7mths now. she has been on semi solids (HT brown rice cereal ) ...

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    questions about semi solids for 7mths old baby

    Hi all my baby gal is about 7mths now. she has been on semi solids (HT brown rice cereal ) since she was about 5mths +. she has tried broccoli, spinanch, pumpkin puree, pear,carrots etc . sometimes she has it either e fuits or veg on its own n somtimes with e cereal . currently she is on 1 pm feed for e cereal . e last visit to pediatrician told me to increase her semi solid to 2 feed. her feeding pattern as follows:

    1)9am-180ml F/m
    2)12pm -160ml f/m [ 4oml to mix into cereal( 6 scoops) ] after which she will finish e rest o e 120ml
    3)4pm or 4.30pm -180ml F/m
    4)7.30lm-180ml F/m

    that is all for the day and she turns in about 9pm until the 1st feed @ 9am e next dae.

    is this feeding pattern ok? 2nd feed will be lesser F/m cse we r worried she might overeat .

    now i wld like to intro her to porridge so shld i intro @ e 4th feed? or make adjustment between e cereal n porridge?

    hw do i cook baby porridage? read from the forum mummies suggest to buy broken rice from medical hall is it good ? hw to say in chinense? mummy say mux buy pearl rice( zhen zhu mi)?

    hw to make e rice soft ? friend recommend me to buy sieve that has double layer n can so call compressed the porridage rice so it will be soft eunff to feed baby? or can use slow cooker to cook until rice grains soft?? can intro fish now? what fish theadfin or something hw to say in chinese cse my mummy do all e cooking n buying from wet mkt.

    what other thing can i intro @ this age? yoghurt? bisuts?

    what do you do if baby dont like to drink water? added gripewater but i wld like to kick this habit o giving her sweet stuff to encourage drinking.

    sorry for e long post n thk you for sharing .

    read from the forum

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    Worthy Lady kams's Avatar
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    Re: questions about semi solids for 7mths old baby

    Buy a slow cooker & cook porridge for 2-3hrs. Guarantee soft one. No need to get broken rice. Normal rice will do.

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    Re: questions about semi solids for 7mths old baby

    When my gal is 5 mths i started to feed her with Frisocrem rice. Turned 6 mths breakfast gave her nestle rice with ikan billis, and Oats with Prune. Lunch and dinner i feed her fish (sheng yu or theadfin) with veg porridge and mince pork (loin pork) with veg porridge (brown rice).

    Between lunch and dinner 1 milk (120ml) feed, at about 9pm-10pm 1 milk feed before she sleeps. She still drinking milk in the middle of the night, she is small drinker with more feed.

    I uses slow cooker to boil pork rib, veg or ikan billis stock overnight to cook porridge in next morning.

    Try spoon feed water to her.

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    Re: questions about semi solids for 7mths old baby

    The amt of milk sounds ok. As a general guide, children below 1yo still gets their main nutrition from milk and they should be getting between 600-800ml of milk a day.

    I use normal rice instead of broken rice. It is ok to use normal grain rice and you can mash it once it is cooked. I believe the idea of using broken rice is so that the grains are smaller. The other way is to grind your own rice but I feel that it is unnecessary.

    I use a slow cooker to cook the porridge.

    dont't need to replace the 4th feed. You can slightly reduce the milk intake and give porridge. Solids below age of 1 is to supplement. Your baby is only 7 mths. You can go full fledge 2 meals at around 8-9 mths and then 3 meals between 10-11 mths.

    That's the guide I used for my son. You can gather more info from other mummies and see which suit your girl best.


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    Re: questions about semi solids for 7mths old baby

    My baby is 6 months & 3 weeks now and she is having 3 solid meals a day, and I have intro-ed meat to her too, only chicken & fish for the moment though. I have not't tried pork or beef yet because I think they are harder to digest.

    Her schedule is something like this:
    8am - milk feed
    9am - breakfast - oats porridge with fruit (e.g.pear & apple) puree, & drink of water
    10am - short milk feed again & nap
    12noon - milk feed
    12.30pm - lunch - rice porridge with chicken (or fish) & vegetable puree (e.g.pumpkin), & water
    1.30pm - short milk feed again & nap
    3 or 4pm - wake up & bath, then milk feed
    5pm - short nap again
    6pm - dinner - milk feed followed by porridge with chicken (or fish) & vegetable puree, water
    8pm - milk feed & bedtime

    The reason why I give so many milk feeds (breastfed) almost immediately after she has her solids is because I'm trying to "Top-Up" her milk intake as she doesn't drink much milk. If you're using FM, then i'm not sure, but generally around 4 FM feeds is ok.

    I also give her water in a sipper bottle to drink (not those milk bottles with teats) and she is very happy to drink from it and recognises her water bottle every time, gets excited when it is placed in front of her and she quickly reaches out for it to have a drink.

    A nurse told me can try yoghurt & custard (the baby types not the adult types). I tried both but she didn't like them.

    One last note is that I also included a meat in her solid food at dinner time because I'm trying to help her gain weight as I suspect she is burning her calories very quickly when she rolls around etc. and not enough energy as she gets tired very quickly after that. It's not necessary to give meat again at dinnertime but I do.
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