my baby is currently going 5 months and is on total ebm. she used to be mixed feed with my ebm as her main source of feeds. as i have just enough supply for her right now, i am still not able to pump more to stock up for her whn i go bck to wrk in 1month's time, i am thinking of supplementing her with fm again whn she is 6 months old and also at the same time start to wean her. of course at the same time i will still continue to pump to give her breast milk for as long as i can.

she used to be on similac stage 1. but she has stop taking it since 2.5 months ago and my concern is that is there a possibility that she might reject fm? i am not keen.on starting her on mixed feeds so soon as i wish to let her have exclusive ebm for at least 6 months so i have yet to try to.put her bck on fm.

may i know whether any mothers out there havr encounter such issue with baby refusing fm?