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So many types of cereal...blur!!

This is a discussion on So many types of cereal...blur!! within the Introducing Solids & Feeding Your Fussy Toddlers forum, part of the Growing Up & Parenting category; My son is 5mths 10days old ive started him on solids at his coming of 5mths. Feeding him organic rice ...

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    Re: So many types of cereal...blur!!

    My son is 5mths 10days old ive started him on solids at his coming of 5mths. Feeding him organic rice cereal from this brand called "Only Organic" from New Zealand. I bought it from Carrefour at Suntec. I dont't know if other places sell this brand or not. So far my son seems happy to eat it. I mix 2tbs of ceral with 1sp of his milk and add water to the desired consistency. This keeps him full for about 2-3hrs. After feed will let him drink 1-2oz of water to wash it down. Afternoon will give him half a bottle of heinz baby food as a snack. But this only keeps him full for 2hrs MAX. He's a big eater and i dont't think he's fussy (hopefully). He poos almost every other day. If not twice a day! Main thing is when your baby starts on solids, you need to give them water if not quite difficult for them to do biggie

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    Re: So many types of cereal...blur!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sharonyi66 View Post

    I just went to NTUC, planning to buy a cereal to start Inez on but there's sooo many brands/types/flavours to choose from.. Seeing them just make me feel so blur

    Inez is now 4mths 3weeks old, turning 6mths in March 20.

    Can advise on the following cereals or what types you all been giving to your baby?

    Healthy Times - Barley Cereal for Baby
    Healthy Times - Mixed Grain Cereal for Baby
    Healthy Times - Brown Rice Cereal for Baby
    Nestle Cerelac - Brown Rice Cereal
    Nestle Cerelac - Rice Cereal

    All these cereals can start giving to baby around 5mths plus? Or have to wait till 6mths?

    Which type of cereal is better, Organic or normal?
    my babysitter recommended me to get nestle cerelac - rice cereal (without infant milk). there's 1 with infant milk. i attended the weaning talk from BMSG and the speaker also said the 1 with milk is too tasty, end up baby will reject porridge. so my babysitter usu will add 1 baby spoon of this cereal to the milk to make baby feel fuller, else every 3 hours has to feed him 240ml of FM. on wkends i will use this cereal and add a bit of FM to make it into porridge-like and feed son if i very busy, else i will cook own porridge for son to eat then add some heinz puree to give the porridge flavour. coz bbsitter started son on fish porridge n meat porridge when he was 6mths old so i cant feed him plain porridge anymore. son is 7mths old now.

    personally i would prefer to wait till 6mths old then start, no harm starting late. if start too early we not sure if baby organs can take it or not, esp the liver. and outside made cereals, no matter how little, sure have additives etc in it. so home made porridge is always preferred . but if really busy then bo bian, use instant cereal is ok. brown rice maybe can wait till baby is 8mths coz i heard brown rice can cause indigestion easier than normal rice cereal.

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    Re: So many types of cereal...blur!!

    Not all instant cereals have additives - need to read the ingredients list; organic brands have just the said cereal (rice/oatmeal/barley) and an iron component.

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    Re: So many types of cereal...blur!!

    we've been giving dear son organic brown rice/oatmeal/barley from Healthy Times, Earth's Best and Bellamy since he was 6 mos old. Yesterday, I let him try Heinze Banana Breakfast Cereal for the first time, and he took a long long time to eat less than half of his usual portion. I gave up feeding him. Seems like dear son has expensive taste, LOL.

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