Hi Mummies,

My gal is 7mths now and I've just switch over completely to stage 2 milk. (mixed stage 1 and 2 together for the past 3weeks).

She used to drink 180ml to 240ml easily when the milk as stage 1. But now (completely on stage 2), she dont even finish 180ml! Sometimes she only take 100ml. = ( is it due to the milk ? or could it because i started her on cereal and she wants cereal instead ?

This is her feeding schedule now :

9am - 180ml
1pm - 2tbs brown rice cereal mixed with milk, followed by 180ml
5pm - 180ml
9pm - 180ml + fruit puree

Can see that she loves the cereal compared to fruit puree. should i give her more cereal if she does not finish her milk ?

In addition, should i start to introduce porridge ? If yes, can any mommies advise how to cook porridge for babies ? Totally clueless.....

Thanks all.