My boy loves eating. Whenever he fusses at meal-times, it means he is teething, wants to feed himself or tired of the same food.

Ways to let him enjoy meal-times:
- let him try finger food, then gradually move to using spoon & fork

- variety of food at 1 meal:
Breakfast: milk, cereal, fruit, bread
Lunch: porridge / rice / pasta / sweet potato, veges, fruit, recently added soup cos he loves it
Snack: milk, bread / O cereal
Dinner: carbo as above, veges, egg yolk, fish, fruit

- variety of food through the week, something new & interesting every few days

Experiment with taste, texture and colour.

Bread contains wheat, an allergen, so try it after 12 months. I prefer to buy freshly baked wholemeal bread without preservatives, from bakeries.