Dear mummies,

I am an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I conduct COMPLIMENTARY beauty class on: Advanced Skincare, Eye Spa, Microdermabrasion & Smokey Eye Makeup. Monday to Friday I am at Commonwealth Drive. Weekends I am at Balestier/Novena. If you are staying around that area, I can go to your house and conduct the class for you. Min 3 ladies to start. You can gather your mum, aunty, sister and/or neighbour to join you. Even if you are far away, just let me know where and I will go.

COMPLIMENTARY. Each of you will get a sample product to try at the end of the class. No obligation to buy the products.

Try our eye spa today! Its effective to reduce dark circles, eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles around eyes. Some clients of mine said that their eyes look brighter. Some said their double eye lids appeared. Some said their eyes look same size and bigger. Try and see what effects our eye spa has on you.

Book your class with me now and enjoy $10 off on your purchase. (*Terms & Conditions apply)