Individuals are recommended to have a continuous use of eyelash enhancer in order to maintain the initial results. It will be better if the solution will be applied every night on the upper eyelids. This must be done immediately after cleaning your face and removing contacts and eye makeup.

If the eyelash enhancer comes with a sterile applicator, use this for applying a small amount of the solution. The product should be applied on the skin on the upper eyelid’s base, starting from the inner portion going to its outer part.

One eyelash enhancer dosage should be applied each day. However, bear in mind that when you forgot applying the dose for one day, it is not recommended that you apply two doses the next day.

Also, 15 minutes following the application, you can already put your contacts in if you are wearing them. If you are not sure if your contacts can be worn safely when using an eyelash enhancer, you might as well inquire from your doctor.

In general, using an eyelash enhancer has already been proven to be safe, although make sure that your contacts will not be instantly worn after you applied the solution. As mentioned earlier, it will be best to wait for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to wearing them.