This brand Flickz has its products in departmental stores like Taka etc.

In addition to being sold locally, this brand has franchised into
Europe with distributors in Holland and Germany.

The important feature of this brand is that it is
1. from a Singaporean founder

2. ALL products are made from LEATHER -- the $40 iphone 4 covers (not on the website) are
real NOT synthetic leather whereas all the other produts are PUR or
synthetic leather including the $14 iphone 3 covers, $20 iphone 4 covers and the $38 ipad
cases and the $32.50 laptop sleeves

iphone 3 ($14 - only the back cover not flip covers are available)

iphone 4 covers (PUR not the real leather ie. $20) -

ipad cases ($38) -

laptop sleeves ($32.50 - unique designed with buttons to detach to mix-and-match
colours for the laptop sleeves -

3. ALL products have 1 YEAR WARRANTY

4. FREE matt screen protector for ALL iphone 4 covers and ipad covers (not iphone 3)

5. they have a unique line of laptop bags targeted at the FEMALE
population at $55. it is called C.L.A.D.E which stands for Clean, Light
And Designed for Everyday use. it is shaped like a Tote bag. it is
quite hard to find any laptop bags that are "female-oriented". most are
just the typical laptop sleeves or sling bags. This is a revolutionary
design that is not only trendy but practical as there is space for a
laptop and more and it can be carried or worn on the shoulder
CLADE - http://www.flickzcases.com/Flickz/Th...0/product.html

6. Attache ($40) or Harbinger ($45) series of laptop bags for males
where the atache allows the laptop to be used directly when you open the
bag while the Harbinger is a messenger bag which has space for the
laptop and more.

attache -

harbinger -

7. camera pouch ($15)

the ipad 2 cases will hit singapore NEXT WEEK!!

PM me if interested