Hey mummies!
Wanted to start a new thread to talk about something I just came across last weekend-trade in Sales!
So I was reading TODAY newspaper with the family and saw Audiohouse's ad for a trade in sale where you bring your old electronics and gadgets and you get cash rebates in return We decided that we had nothing to lose so we brought down our old ACER i3 processor notebook and got a $200 cash rebate which we used to get a new Toshiba Satellite laptop at only about $590 top up(comparing its original $1169 price tag)
Was very pleased with the discovery in the paper-thinking of bringing down our old LG LCD TV this weekend too after finding out they are having a round 2 of Trade In Sales at Audiohouse.
Found this a pretty unique sale! Trade in sales are becoming more common now-i still remember Levi's having it for a period of time too! Have any of you tried going for one of these sales before? Share your experiences with us!