Play Films is currently working on a TV commercial for the National Population and Talent Division under the Prime Ministerís Office. The objective of the commercial is to encourage more couples to become parents.

In this commercial, we are aiming to capture endearing moments of interaction between parent and child, for example; patting a baby to sleep, coaching them with play and craft work, holding the baby as he/she takes his/her first steps, feeding the child, riding a bike or scooter, a toddler wrapped in a towel, big laughter, etc. We dontít just want to feature the easy and happy times but also the challenging ones as well. Moments like kids throwing tantrums, being mischievous, naughty, crying, refusing to eat, looking ďguiltyĒ etc.

Apart from actually filming these scenes, we are also looking for existing home movie footage from Singaporean families that have captured some of their special moments with their children. These moments dont't need to be beautifully filmed, nor do they need the children to be dressed in their best clothes. We are looking for real moments. The shots should be focused mostly on the children but also have a parent nearby or in shot. We dont't want to limit this search as every parent's experience is unique and we hope to find some surprises in the footage we are searching for. Please do not edit your videos but instead send them to us and we will select the right moments from your footage. We will seek your approval before using any shot of yours in the commercial. A fee will be paid for any footage used in the commercial. Please feel free to enquire more about this.

As well as finding peopleís personal home movie footage we are also searching for expectant mothers and fathers who are prepared to shoot the first moment a mother/father meets their child (after the birth). The moment the child is placed on their chest or in their arms. We would not send in a film crew for this moment but would ask the father or a relative to shoot this moment discretely with a small point and shoot camera which we can provide if you dontít have one.

Lastly we are also looking to shoot some intimate family moments in the ward where the parents hold their child and they spend time altogether. It's about the emotional connection, nothing graphic.

We are trying to reach out to as many parents as we can, especially in achieving the shots that are at the hospital itself and we hope you could provide us with some form of support.

For all submissions and enquiries, please feel free to contact Michelle at michelle.szy@gmail.com or give us a call at 6220 2006(Play Films Office).

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,
Michelle Yap
Production Assistant