Hi mummies!

Ive newly setup a online biz selling customizable personalized baby apparel and accessories and would like to invite 10 mummies to help me market my site and products.

I will be realistic that you are not going to be a millionaire with this but earning a little extra with no cost nor worries about running a business really doesn't seem like a bad idea isn't it?

im looking for mummies with good networking skills and most importantly, like and believe in my products. At the end of the day, marketing something you like and believe in really isn't that hard a work. I have 2 partnerships plan available to suit the different needs and commitments of different mummies so just let me know if you would like to know more.

The reason that I will only work with 10 mummies now is because all my customization is purely by hand with no templates or tools. There is a limitation to what I can come up with in a day as well. So this is a pretty limited offer... dont hesitate now!!

i promise this has nothing to do with MLM nor is this a scam. Just an offer to other mummies like me who wants to earn a little extra to provide for our little ones.