We are looking for adhoc/freelance trainers to help us with our recreational workshops. Please get in touch with us via email if you can conduct any of the following training (or more!)

Arts and Crafts
- Drawing - arts for children and adults
- Caricature
- Handicrafts (of anything interesting)
- Clay and Polymer
- Accessories

Family programs
- Parenting workshops and talks
- children workshops
- Or any other recreational programs that you can offer.

Please visit www.familicious.sg for more ideas of recreation programs that we offer and contact us with the following
1. Arts and crafts portfolio (photos of your artwork)
2. required hourly fee (or session fee)
3. Availability -- indicate if you are only available at certain days (e.g. all time/weekend only/evenings only)

Additional Criterias:
Must be comfortable giving instructions to groups of adults/children/family
Ok to commute to our training places to conduct these workshops

Please contact: familicious.sg@gmail.com