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Working moms do have a choice, as a Financial Services Consultant!

This is a discussion on Working moms do have a choice, as a Financial Services Consultant! within the Jobs Classified forum, part of the Classfied (Non-Commercial ONLY or Risk Account Being Banned) Want to Buy, Want to Sell, Exchange an category; Dear Mummies, As working parents we understand the importance of having quality time spent with our family, and at the ...

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    Working moms do have a choice, as a Financial Services Consultant!

    Dear Mummies,

    As working parents we understand the importance of having quality time spent with our family, and at the same time the ability to generate a healthy stream of income to support our family.

    The fact is, it is challenging to find a full-time job which will be able to grant you the off-day/time you need to attend to your children. In exchange of a fixed salary, you will need to manage your morning rush hours especially if you need to send your kids to work, and not forgetting the peak hours at the end of the day.

    What we are offering is a "choice". A choice where you can decide and manage your own working life revolving around your family. A choice where you can work smarter and not confining to the 9-5 rat-race. A choice where you can decide if you wish to move up a gear higher or to slow down to balance your family life.

    Team DGA is a team comprising mainly of young parents, who want to create a better living for our families.

    We represent one of the most established insurers in Singapore, with more than 80 years of track record taking care of families and companies.

    If you meet the following requirements, we will like to have a chat with you:
    - Diploma/Deg education
    - Singaporean/PR (we will consider foreigners on EP or SP)
    - an outgoing personality strengthened with a desire to do well
    - a self-motivating person with a right attitude to learn

    Please email us your updated resume to dgacareer@gmail.com, and we will arrange for a session if you are shortlisted.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Because @ Team DGA, we are parents too.
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    Re: Working moms do have a choice, as a Financial Services Consultant!

    A sharing from Straits Times:

    Sold on insurance after mum fell ill

    Engineer became a financial planner after seeing value of critical illness policy first-hand. -ST
    Sold on insurance after mum fell ill

    Tue, Nov 13, 2012
    The Straits Times

    An engineer by training, Mr Andrew Ang decided to become a financial planner after he experienced the value of insurance first-hand.

    Eleven years ago, the graduate from the University of Surrey was working as an electronics engineer when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Mr Ang, 39, said: "My parents spent their life savings to send me abroad, so the insurance payout from my mother's critical illness policy was so important. It was about $50,000, and was enough for her treatment."
    Mr Ang's mother, 59, made a full recovery.

    His belief in the value of financial planning was further underscored when his eight-year-old daughter, Charlotte, suffered from a congenital heart problem, and needed open heart surgery two years ago.
    His son Alexander, six, suffers from autism. He and his wife have another child, five-year-old Abraham.

    Mr Ang's wife, Corrine, 36, quit her job as an accountant and became an insurance agent so that she could have more flexible working hours to take care of their children.

    Q: Are you a spender or saver?
    I am not a spender, but I also dont't save a lot. My monthly income is about $15,000 on average, and I have to set aside $7,000 for family expenses.

    My son, who has autism, attends two private schools and one government-subsidised school, and spends about 55 hours a week at school. His school fees alone are more than $4,000 a month.

    I pay about $1,500 in insurance premiums, and also have to pay for the upkeep of three cars, driven by me, my wife and my father.

    Q: How much do you charge to your credit card every month?
    About $5,000 a month.

    Using a credit card allows me to track expenses for my business, which include spending for clients' birthdays and events and my team activities.

    For other spending, I prefer to stick to cash. I withdraw about $200 every three days.

    Q: What financial planning have you done?
    I have 12 insurance plans under my name and am insured for $1.8 million in death and disability coverage.

    I have two hospital plans and I have recently bought an early critical illness plan to cover for more medical conditions relating to critical illnesses.
    Each month, I pay about $1,500 in premiums.

    My wife and I have invested more than $300,000 from our CPF savings and cash savings in managed funds. I also own some equities.

    At the end of every year, I also review my own financials. This is critical in managing cash flow, given my family's situation.

    My wife and I diligently keep the receipts for our spending, and we key them into Excel spreadsheets so we can try to forecast what will happen in the coming year.

    Q: Moneywise, what were your growing-up years like?
    I worked extremely hard during my schooldays. I started working at the age of seven.

    I remember I earned $2,000 every month when I was older, by distributing newspapers as early as 5am, and peddling drinks and food at the former National Stadium till 10pm.

    Even though my parents were farmers, they provided my siblings and me with a good education.

    They have always taught us to give back.

    All of us will donate and volunteer our time whenever possible to give back to society because we benefited from charity when we were younger.

    Q: How did you get interested in investing?
    I went for quite a few investment classes organised by SGX (Singapore Exchange) and Sias (Securities Investors Association (Singapore)). Also, I learnt from the four professional certifications I have acquired over the 10 years as an adviser.

    Right now, I have completed four core modules of Master of Applied Finance by Macquarie University.

    Q: What property do you own?

    My wife and I bought a four-room HDB flat for $187,000 10 years back and are still living in the same flat.

    Q: What's the most extravagant thing you have bought?
    I have a weakness for cars. Maybe because I am an engineer, I like experiencing what it is like driving different types of cars.

    In 2007, I bought a second-hand BMW 3 Series for $72,000, and decided to sell it a year later.

    Q: What's your retirement plan?
    I plan to get a yacht. I was a trained diver and naval officer.

    It will probably require about $10,000 a month for me to travel the world with my loved ones. I have endowment plans that will give me about $20,000 a year.

    My other investments will fund the rest.

    Q: Home is now...
    My four-room HDB flat. It is an important reminder to my children about the importance and value of money.

    Q: I drive...
    A manual-transmission Honda Civic 1.8.

    Worse and best bets
    Q: What has been your worst investment to date?
    My worst was $1,000 put into a technology fund unit trust in 2000. A banker friend recommended it to me. At its worst, it was worth only $300.

    It is still on my portfolio and is worth about $700 now.

    Q: And your best?
    I do some trading in US equities whenever I spot opportunities. Mainly I buy blue-chip stocks that are at a discount.

    I bought $100,000 worth of BP's shares after it had its oil rig explosion two years ago. I sold them for $150,000.

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    Re: Working moms do have a choice, as a Financial Services Consultant!

    Top 100 Paying-job in Singapore 2012 (according to salary.sg)

    1. Managing director/ Chief executive officer – $29,102
    2. Foreign exchange dealer/ Broker – $22,302
    3. Marketing and sales representative (institutional sales of financial products) – $20,834
    4. Trade broker (including oil and bunker trader) – $19,500
    5. Company director – $17,142
    6. Financial/ Investment adviser – $15,500
    7. Chief operating officer/ General manager – $15,005
    8. Commodities derivatives broker – $15,000
    9. Ship broker – $15,000
    10. Creative director (advertising) – $14,750
    11. University lecturer – $14,000
    12. Real estate agent – $13,952
    13. Software and applications manager – $12,280
    14. Advocate/ Solicitor – $12,213
    15. Lawyer (excluding advocate and solicitor) – $10,900
    16. Financial/ Insurance services manager (eg financial institution branch manager) – $10,250
    17. Chemical engineer – $10,105
    18. Network and communications manager – $10,024
    19. IT service manager – $9,999
    20. General practitioner/ physician – $9,963
    21. Research and development manager – $9,685
    22. Legal officer – $9,624
    23. Editor (news and periodicals) – $9,500
    24. Journalist – $9,441
    25. Chief information officer/ Chief technology officer – $9,405
    26. Marketing and sales representative (ICT) – $9,396
    27. Risk analyst (financial) – $9,335
    28. Treasury manager – $9,160
    29. Budgeting and financial accounting manager (including financial controller) – $9,150
    30. Business development manager – $9,100
    31. Technical/ Engineering services manager (eg shipyard manager) – $9,078
    32. Policy and planning manager – $9,000
    33. Human resource manager – $8,491
    34. Customer service manager – $8,462
    35. Securities and finance dealer/ broker – $8,367
    36. Wholesale trade manager – $8,243
    37. Sales and marketing manager – $8,125
    38. Management and business consultant – $7,982
    39. Quality assurance manager – $7,848
    40. Procurement/ Purchasing manager – $7,804
    41. Manufacturing plant/ production manager – $7,652
    42. Premises and facilities maintenance manager – $7,638
    43. Insurance sales agent/ broker (including independent financial planner) – $7,632
    44. Advertising/ Public relations manager – $7,600
    45. Information technology project manager – $7,570
    46. Business services and administration manager (excluding manager in finance, administration, HR, policy and planning) – $7,535
    47. Administration manager – $7,100
    48. Instrumentalist – $7,078
    49. Health services manager – $7,027
    50. Chief/ Executive cook – $7,000
    51. Education manager – $6,998
    52. Producer (stage, film, television, computer games, video and radio) – $6,970
    53. Supply and distribution/ Logistics/ Warehousing manager – $6,822
    54. Database architect – $6,817
    55. Building and construction project manager – $6,800
    56. Building architect – $6,800
    57. Industrial safety engineer – $6,790
    58. Pharmacologist and related professional – $6,790
    59. Systems analyst – $6,674
    60. Surveyor – $6,672
    61. Fund manager – $6,603
    62. Financial analyst (eg equities analyst, credit analyst) – $6,565
    63. Transport operations manager – $6,500
    64. Art and craft instructor (extracurriculum) – $6,500
    65. Telecommunications engineer – $6,456
    66. Medical scientist – $6,436
    67. Database administrator – $6,435
    68. Advertising salesman – $6,348
    69. Insurance underwriter – $6,262
    70. Network/ Infrastructure architect and engineer – $6,235
    71. Pharmacologist – $6,187
    72. Chemical engineering technician – $6,182
    73. Information technology security specialist – $6,100
    74. Software, web and multimedia developer – $6,065
    75. Environmental engineer – $5,854
    76. Artistic director (stage, film, television and radio) – $5,834
    77. Electronics engineer – $5,756
    78. Marketing and sales representative (medical and pharmaceutical products) – $5,693
    79. Civil engineer – $5,690
    80. Biomedical engineer – $5,687
    81. Auditor (accounting) – $5,668
    82. Electrical engineer – $5,593
    83. Interior designer – $5,500
    84. Mechanical engineer – $5,440
    85. Market research analyst – $5,407
    86. Author and related writer – $5,346
    87. Mathematician, actuary and statistician (including operations research analyst) – $5,339
    88. Pharmacist – $5,330
    89. Accountant – $5,240
    90. Quantity surveyor – $5,200
    91. Network/ Computer systems administrator – $5,180
    92. Human resource consultant (excluding executive search consultant) – $5,173
    93. Industrial and production engineer – $5,100
    94. Book editor – $5,075
    95. Catering services manager – $5,050
    96. Application/ Systems programmer – $5,023
    97. Petroleum/ Natural gas engineer – $4,955
    98. Chemist – $4,945
    99. Information technology testing/ quality assurance specialist – $4,800
    100. Ships’ engineer – $4,765

    Which of the top paying jobs above provides the flexibility to earn a decent income and spend quality time with your family?

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    Re: Working moms do have a choice, as a Financial Services Consultant!

    What will happen to your career/family in 5 years' time if you continue to do what you are doing today?

    Does your current job give you the opportunity to triple your income in 5 year's time?

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    Re: Working moms do have a choice, as a Financial Services Consultant!

    Dear Moms,

    As part of our support for new working moms who join us as Financial Services Consultants, we will be providing the following to help you in the business:

    1. Entrepreneur Power Scheme worth $52,000 for your first year of business
    2. EPS Training program to provide you the tools for your business
    3. iPad Mini to support your e-business needs
    4. Entry examinations sponsorship

    We will be running our monthly Career Seminar for you to have a better insight of this potential business. Do drop me an email if you are keen to find out more.

    dgacareer@gmail.com (Please indicate Mummysg in your header)

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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