Some advices to share with those parents who want to hire a confinement lady during the confinement period

  1. Liaise with the confinement lady at least 6 months in advance.
  2. Record down the conversation on the confinement price through either text or call
  3. Define the miscellaneous cost such as transportation fee, to cook additional person meal and etc.
  4. Offset the confinement price if the infant happened to encountered Jaundice and stay in the hospital for more than 3 days. If confinement lady doesnít agree, do not hire

Things do not

  1. Purchase any instant Chinese herd package if the confinement lady told you
  2. Pay for the transportation fee unless agree in the beginning of the conversation
  3. Discussed any personal stuff with the confinement lady

Lastly, kindly beware of the below mentioned confinement ladies:
Confinement Lady - CL
In the beginning, have communicated with CL-A (Xiu Mei) and her contact number: +65 90751755 or +6012 3841132. Have confirmed the confinement cost at S$2400 but she has mentioned that if she couldnít be able to turn up for the confinement, another CL-B ( Zhu) and her contact number: +65 85894908 or +6016 6110518 will cover her duty. All the conservation is made verbally.
Few weeks later, my wife has gone through the induce procedure as recommended by the gynae due to the ammonic fluid is low and high blood pressure. Immediately, I contacted CL-A and she has told me to contact CL-B as she is doing confinement for another new born infant.
After contacting the CL-B, we have arranged the date for the confinement. On the day to return back home after resting at the hospital for two days. CL-B only managed to turn up after 2pm and gave the excuse that it is a Sunday and traffic is heavy. However, she still has the cheek to ask for the transportation fee (have gave her as I thought that it is a must).
On the next day, my wife has brought our son to the polyclinic for the usual jaundice check-up and discovered that the level is high around 298. Therefore, the nurse told my wife to send our son to the Kandang Kerbau Hospital immediately without making any payment at polyclinic. At that point of time, I was buying groceries and food with the confinement lady. I was very upset that our son has admitted to Kandang Kerbau Hospital after returning back home for a day and my wife is depressed too.
However, the CL-B didnít mention anything and quietly cook three meals for us. I am regretted that I didnít tell her that we want to cancel the confinement (as I thought that need to pay for the full amount even the CL never complete the whole 28 days)
After 4days, my son has returned home and the CL-B has taken care of him for the remaining 24 days. However, CL-B couldnít be able to handle him on several occasions and brought him out to the living area and allow him to keep on crying until my wife awake and breastfeed him. My wife supposedly requires plenty of rest during the confinement instead of looking after our son in the midnight.
Furthermore, CL-B has complained on the Chinese herd ingredients that I have purchased but I have told her that those are CL-A informed me to buy before the confinement. In the end, didnít use much herds and brought instant Chinese herd package as CL-B has mentioned it is better than the herd I bought.
In the end of the confinement, she has prepared breakfast and bathed our son but she want to leave before noon as she has purchased the bus ticket. I could tolerate it if she need to leave early but she should came early in the beginning too.
After sending her down to the flat, she demand for taxi fare from me and I gave her with the confinement fee and an additional hongbao too. After boarded the cab and I went back to my unit, she called me and told me to come down.
She has complained that how come the confinement fee is S$2400, as she was told that it should be S$2600 by the CL-A. I thought that we must have some miscommunication, I told her that I will contact CL-A and settle the fee with her.
An hour later, CL-A called and mentioned that I should give CL-B S$2600 instead of S$2400 but I have told her that in the beginning we have an agreement on the confinement fee but she denied.
Argument, contacting and texting last for weeks. The most furious thing is that the CL-A has keep on criticise me that (ďitís only a few hundred difference and not a few thousand. You should be able to afford itĒ). It really pissed me off, triggered me to call the police and settle this issue if they called again. Highly suspect that they are in cahoots to each other and persuade the hirer to pay them more than the confinement fee.

Therefore, my wife and I have decided not to hire any CL for our second child after all these incidents.